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What is Backend? How To Increase Profits On The Backend? (eBook available)

What is Backend?

The backend is the part of an application that users cannot see, but it is there and forms the basis of a great software product.

A backend describes the layers of hardware, a computer program or a website that differentiate the typical user's access to that technology. Like the front of the house and back of the house in theaters and restaurants, computer programming has a similar delineation.

For example, in a restaurant, the front is the dining room, while the back is the kitchen. Customers only have access to the front of the restaurant, while the back is where the chefs prepare the meal.

With computers, the concept is similar. The front end is the visible part of the hardware, program or website. This is the part that every user can access. The backend consists of layers that only the builder, designer and developer can access...

How To Increase Profits On The Backend ? (eBook available)

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