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What are the reasons to use eBooks ?

What are the reasons to use eBooks ? We won't talk here about the fact that it will save you time. Generally, there are two main ones, getting income (e.g. creating passive income) or showing expertise in a field.


eBooks are one of the ways to monetize a website. The main advantage is that once created, you do not need to recreate them. You just have to update them and you can sell them continuously, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. This is the principle of passive income.

If your goal is to make money on the internet, eBooks are a very good solution. It is interesting to couple them with a blog (niche site for example) to increase your sales over time. All the content of the blog will revolve around the eBook.


But making money is not the only objective of an eBook. It can be included in a digital marketing strategy. The objective is not financial (at least in the short term), but you want to show your knowledge to attract new visitors / readers / prospects…

Thus, you can send your eBook for free in exchange of your visitors' emails in order to build a mailing list. You can put your eBook online for free on platforms in order to make yourself known and increase your traffic with qualified visitors or prospects who will subscribe to your newsletter if your eBook interests them.