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How can you use Pinterest to get free and quality traffic to your website ?

Have you at any point yearned for a way of getting more traffic and make more deals?

Clearly, the appropriate response is yes! The Internet is a continually changing universe and with long range informal communication turning into the top way of creating traffic, outfit it for your potential benefit.

There is another site that is advancing toward the highest point of online media and it's called Pinterest. This huge traffic force to be reckoned with could be the main instrument you have at any point found.

Indeed, numerous website admins report that Pinterest is making more traffic for their sites than YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+… consolidated!

If you haven't got on board with the Pinterest temporary fad, it's not very late. You can begin "sticking" and make your site Pinterest cordial with a couple of straightforward advances.

I made this book to assist you with dominating Pinterest and influence it for your potential benefit. You can undoubtedly create a lot of great traffic with insignificant exertion from you.

So in case you are prepared to take your site to a higher level, sit back, get some espresso, and we should get everything rolling!

5 Tips To Get Traffic with Pinterest

1. Choose a bright and appealing image

As said in the introduction, Pinterest is a network focused on the visual, so it is essential to focus your efforts on the shared image. The latter must be of good quality, with harmonious colors, ideally reminiscent of your graphic charter and your visual identity.

2. Optimize your SEO

Although it is a social network, Pinterest is seen as a search engine and acts in a similar way to Google. The majority of users go to the application to search for images on a specific theme. Therefore, you need to focus on keywords and phrases to reach the desired target.

Look for trending keywords and try to apply them to your domain. Do the same for hashtags.

3. Be active and interact

The more active and interacting you are on Pinterest, the more likely you are to be visible. This advice goes for all social networks.

Repin others. Like and comment on your community's pins.

Just be careful not to repin anything! Aim for content that your community might be interested in, that might complement what you already offer.

4. Let yourself be tempted by Promoted Pins

If you want to get more visibility with just one click, you can opt for the system of advertisements called ''Promoted Pins''. As with all other social networks, this type of ad targets users according to their interests or location, displaying the sponsored pin directly in the categories and search results.

5. Insert links from your blog as soon as possible

With Pinterest, you have the possibility to insert the link of your blog post, for example, on your pin. This feature allows you to increase the traffic of your site and can be very useful when you want to optimize your website (SEO)

Pinterest represents a good opportunity to increase your visibility as a professional. Nowadays, people are more and more in a hurry and don't have time to read several long articles a day. A few images are enough to make them stick. Seize this opportunity to be creative.

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