How to Create eBook Covers ? – 5 Videos to Watch Online + Download link – Available downloading

It's not easy to create a good ebook cover when you are self-published and have no specific training in graphic design or book trade.

And yet, the cover is an essential element for a good start in the vast world of self-publishing. It will be, with the title, the first glimpse the reader will get of your work.

The competition is so tough that you'd better make sure your cover holds up! But don't panic: there are different methods for self-published authors to design a professional cover, if you are not a pro yourself.

These videos will help you create a digital product cover without spending any money. You'll see, you'll have a clean and professional result (with practice of course). It's not complicated at all! Are you ready?

Here is a series of 5 videos that you can watch on this page or download for resale. Two licenses are included in the pack, one PLR license for you and another one for your future customers if you decide to resell this product.

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5 videos to download or watch online