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All about the opt-in mailing list

Opt-in mailing list -This ebook will help you (or your contacts) to effectively use the opt-in mail list. Obtaining mail is always in fashion to establish a little more privileged contact with your subscribers.

It is true that our mailboxes are increasingly flooded and badly treated. Nevertheless, it is imperative to take the step if it is not yet done, we tell you how with this document …

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About Emailing

Email Marketing is the act of using electronic mail, to promote a product or service over the Internet to your list of customers. Email Marketing is very popular with web entrepreneurs.

And this is normal. It makes it possible to communicate free of charge and very effectively to its customers in a safe and fast manner, unlike the various other forms of communication which are often very slow and very expensive…

Selling electronic or physical products by email has therefore become a marketing operation in its own right. This method is renowned for its efficiency. Making money selling products by email is one of the best selling strategies today.

Opt-in List Mailing Techniques

An opt-in mailing list can be your strongest marketing tool on the Internet. Think of it as a foot in the door, or better yet, an invitation ready to be sent out at any time. Research has shown that it takes an average of seven prospecting contacts to make your first sale.

It's hard to find someone who will return to your website seven times, but if you do once, convince them to sign up for your mailing list. You will then be invited to contact them with your offers at your convenience.

The trick, of course, is to turn your visitors into subscribers to your Opt-in mailing list. Building a mailing list is easier than you think. There are a number of proven techniques for building a mailing list. But don't be afraid to sign up visitors who have "stumbled" on your site for a short visit.

Give people a good reason to join your Opt-in mailing list

People don't sign up for mailing lists out of the goodness of their hearts, but because you offer them something of value. What do you have to offer them?

Get a 10% discount on all purchases over 25€, exclusively for mailing list members!

Discover our newest products by subscribing to the mailing list!

We will keep you informed about the latest developments of [insert your field here].

Special prices and discount offers exclusively for our mailing list members.

Do you get it? Don't tell them, "hey, can I keep pestering you to sell you something? Offer them a service: "I'll let you know about our great products that might interest you."

Place your invitation to join your mailing list prominently on your site. Rule number one is that people won't subscribe to your mailing list if they don't know it exists. Put your mailing list form on every page of your site and make it attractive.

Build your mailing list from anywhere

Include a short invitation to your mailing list in your email signature, so that it appears every time you send a message. If you're giving a presentation or event, personally invite attendees or visitors to sign up for your mailing list.

Entice people to sign up with a free gift

Bribery is a real fast and effective mailing list building technique and site promotion tool. Selling weight loss products? Write an e-book on weight loss factors through nutrition and offer it as an incentive to sign up for your mailing list. Be creative, and watch your list grow quickly.