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5 Tips to Get traffic from Facebook

1. Ask your visitors questions

Interactivity is very important on facebook. Make your visitors react. Ask them questions and invite them to answer.

Do this quite regularly, at least once a week. Ask your readers what they thought of your latest article or advice. This will encourage them to visit your site before responding. You will kill two birds with one stone. A visit and an animation of your page.

2. Update your page

Inform your readers of the latest publications on your site or blog. This can be done automatically using the tweeterfeed service.

The advantage of regular updates is that your fans always have new content to see, and your new fans will be immediately informed of your latest publications.

3. Integrate a capture form

In the same way as on your website or blog, you can integrate a capture form to your fan page. It's a great way to get traffic from Facebook. Give them a welcome gift, just like you would on your site.

Once you have their email address, it's much easier to get them to come back to your site.

4. Place like buttons on your blog

The more fans you have, the more visibility your page will have. You need to place like buttons on your blog and encourage readers to click on them. The more fans you have, the more you will be displayed on their news feed, and therefore the more traffic you will get from facebook.

5. Give them useful content

Now that your page is updated with your latest articles, use your page as a bait. If the summary of your articles are attractive enough, visitors will come to read the rest on your blog.

You need to offer interesting information to entice people to come and read the rest. And if your headlines are punchy, you will get some traffic from Facebook.