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Are you looking for eBooks, videos or other files with Private Label Rights (PLR)?

Creating a digital product can be time consuming and tedious. There are so many things to do in your daily life, whether it’s for your business or in your personal life, right?

As they are under this famous Private Label Rights, you will be able to devote yourself to the online sale to people you have targeted beforehand.

How about taking advantage of good files developed by specialists or enthusiasts in their field?

But exactly, what is a Private Label Rights (PLR)? These are documents that you can rewrite, adapt to your style, your own information, your links… 

It still takes time and a little energy, but it’s the ultimate pride of having your own product.

How about reselling training videos that everyone wants?

What's Private Label Rights license (PLR) ?


Private Label Right (PLR) is free-rights content from which the author allows you to do almost whatever you want. It’s almost as if you created it.

So you can modify it, cut it into several products, give it away, sell it, add to it, record audio, put it on video, put your name as the author…

When you know how to use your PLR files Private Label Rights, you are able to multiply very good quality content faster and cheaper than your competitors who ignore the potential of free rights.

And that means you can generate traffic faster and build a bigger list and make more money faster.

The mistake not to make !

Most people don’t know how to use the free rights content they have on their hard drive, especially articles and ebooks. And those who do decide to take action usually make bad decisions.

What's Master Resell Rights (MRR) ?

With a Master Resell Rights product, you are allowed to sell the product as your own and of course use your tools/techniques for reselling. You can even pass on the resell rights to your customers or subscribers.

Again, it is best to read the “License” file which clearly explains what you can and cannot do. It is usually very short and easy to understand. A product with master resale rights is normally high end compared to some PLR products. MRR products can be videos, e-books, graphics, software and even WordPress themes.

The only limitation is that you cannot modify the product itself, as the developer has released a finished product for sale.

Just 7 good reasons to succeed with PLR/MRR Products

OK but I don't know how to sell these products...

Today, there are many ways to sell products. Whether it is on Amazon, Kobo and many others… On your own website, by going to people on social networks… We cover this topic in our blog. In any case, I invite you to take action to make your motivation a success and not just a dream! What are you waiting for? Let’s go together.

Simple Offers To Grow Your Business !


$47 $27 / year
  • 1 Year Unlimited Download
  • Private Label Rights / Master Resell Rights Products
  • Private Label Rights Articles
  • Tools For Resellers (MRR products)
  • 7/7 support


$97 $47 / Lifetime
  • Lifetime Unlimited Download
  • Private Label Rights / Master Resell Rights Products
  • Private Label Rights Articles
  • Tools For Resellers (MRR products)
  • 7/7 support


You can put your logo on it and even be the author of the work!

For each file you download, you will receive a pdf or text file in the package that clearly explains your rights with a simple “yes” or “no”.

No, there are no hidden fees either you choose a download or you have unlimited access to downloads!

All the rules are listed in a file for each uploaded document. Go to the articles section of the site advising you on the best ways to sell. We remain at your disposal for any information. For this, please contact us via our contact form.

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